as per IS 1489:2015:

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC-C++)

Portland Pozzolana Cement" (PPC-C++) is the type of blending cement, and is manufactured with addition of fly ash (15~35%) which includes calcined clay, volcanic ash, fly ash or silica fumes, which is a product of thermal power plants.

The addition of fly ash imparts several beneficial attributes to PPC-C++. Notably, it enhances the cement's workability, facilitating easier handling and placement during construction activities. Furthermore, PPC-C++ exhibits heightened resistance against sulfate and chloride attacks, rendering it suitable for applications in environments prone to such corrosive elements, such as marine structures or regions with elevated groundwater salinity.


Specifications of (OPC) 43 SUPER GRADE:

RPC- C ++ PPC has higher strength than OPC over a longer period & More durable in aggressive weather, It constitutes industrial and natural waste which makes it eco-friendly. It is suitable for all types of construction work.
For example :
  • Masonry works
  • RCC casting of buildings-
  • Footing
  • Column
  • Beam
  • Slab and Plastering
  • Non-structural works like:
  • Flagstone flooring
  • Mosaic flooring
  • Tiled flooring & Marble
  • flooring
  • Advantages

    Using ROBO PRO TECH CEMENT (RPC) in concrete offers several advantages for concrete technologists and construction projects:
    The high-quality ingredients and advanced formulation of RPC result in concrete with enhanced durability. This translates to better resistance against environmental factors such as moisture, chemical exposure, and abrasion, prolonging the lifespan of structures and reducing maintenance needs.
    • High compressive strength equivalent to PPC-C++ grade cement.
    • Accelerated early strength development, achieving 28-day strength within 7 days.
    • Enhanced durability against environmental factors.
    • Consistent performance across different batches.
    • Cost-effective solution with potential savings in construction timelines.
    • Versatile application in various construction projects.

    What makes RPC the best cement?

    Quality Assurance

    Cement quality is crucial for construction projects. If RPC Cement maintains high-quality standards in terms of strength, durability, and consistency, it could attract more consumers.

    Distribution Network

    A wide and efficient distribution network ensures that RPC Cement reaches various parts of the country effectively. This accessibility can contribute to its popularity and market share.

    Innovative Products

    Offering innovative cement products tailored to specific construction needs can set a brand apart from its competitors. If RPC Cement introduces new, high-performance products, it could attract more customers.

    Customer Service

    Good customer service can enhance the overall experience for consumers. If RPC Cement provides excellent customer support and after-sales service, it can build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

    Cement is a Crucial component of your home.

    At RPCement, we understand that you are building more than just a home—you are making a stamp on society and your identity. A house is more than just its four walls. It goes beyond a structure. This is the biggest project you have ever worked on.

    Cement is among the most important materials for your house. It is crucial to the stability of the structure and keeps everything together. We are aware that you are buying more than just cement when you buy from RPCement—you are buying confidence and certainty. Because of the millions of IHBs who, like you, trusted RPCement to build their homes, we are now the most recognized brand in India.
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